Common Sense
Eryn La Fleur
Vincent Lesch
Bea Liebenberg
Liam Lineveldt
Jemma Louther
Hannes Lups
Tsepang Mahlehla
Mosidi Mapheto
Rachel Marais
Ben Mason
Luyanda Mchunu
Shanay Meintjes
Rachel Michau
Nkosana Mncube
Our design, based on ‘Nude’ by Kyle Morland, 2016, challenges the idea of what a museum should be and how art should be viewed.

The building takes the viewer on a journey through various spaces designed to highlight the five human senses in order to create a more exciting and engaging experience of art.

— Group 3, Common Sense

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Various material from Group 3’s design process, and the artworks that inspired Common Sense.

Our process of redesigning the building entailed exploring our top three selected artworks, followed by a ‘What if…?’ task. 

This informed the choice of our final artwork - Kyle Morland’s Nude, 2016. From the groups feedback it was abundantly clear that the juxtaposing forms - the awkwardly stacked orthogonal shapes and the flexible layer of mutton cloth - was a main attraction. A further point of interest was the choice of colour  and its effect on the viewers perception of the entire artwork - some translating the use of white to symbolize the constriction of white supremacy during the apartheid era, with others interpreting it to resemble purity and neutrality.

The central idea that the group explored was how the different senses can be used to create a unique experience.

Group 3, Common Sense

View/download Group 3 original presentations: Week 1, Week 2, Final presentation (process), & Final Presentation.


Additional process material & responses to various #unleash prompts, tasks and ‘creative reflections’. The elements that appear after the drawings below may be moved to create new assemblages - to move or ‘drag’ an object click/touch, hold, and move your cursor/finger. Read more about the archive on the about page.

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