‘Bridging South Africa’
Thamsa Donald
Manuel Douglas
Benjamin Dufrêne
Heinrich Engelbrecht
Zoe Foale
Michelle Georgieva
Katelyn Gouvias
Lungile Gwangwa
Anna Hauff
Tia Henderson
Robin Jordaan
Olivia Joseph
Vuyo Ketwa
Mlondi Khoza
Jin Kim
David Sebuyira
‘Bridging South Africa’ was inspired by the artwork ‘Supplication, JHB-Soweto Line’ by Santu Mofokeng. The group’s main objective was to create a space that would reflect the gruelling journey to freedom in South Africa. The bridges used and the shape of the building emphasize the importance of connection and human interaction.

The long walk encouraged within the shape of the building is intended to be one that is strenuous - echoing Nelson Mandela’s “long walk to freedom”, and the daily commute as experienced by travellers on the Soweto train.

— Group 2, ‘Bridging South Africa’


Various material from Group 2’s design process, and the artwork that inspired Bridging South Africa.

I was captured by the ‘still-noise’ of the photograph and how well the photographer was able to grasp this moment … reflecting the tiring and dangerous journey which black communities took to the city during the harsh times of apartheid. And how this journey became a moment of collective grace, the train being this place of religious togetherness, a place of ‘supplication’ to the tragic times

—Mlondi Khoza, Group 2

The train becomes symbolic here … The train has gathered oppressed people, and while transporting them to the future, it has joined and connected people in the same situation and gave them power and courage to perform spiritually and free themselves from the norm…

We want to create a train for South African artists. While memorializing our dark past, we are inspired to create a platform to give people power and freedom. Art and creativity are often oppressed and looked down upon. We wanted to design a space to gather and connect people, and to deliver them to a brighter future.

— Group 2, ‘Bridging South Africa’

View/download Group 2 original presentations: Week 1, Week 2, & Final Presentation.


Additional process material & responses to various #unleash prompts, tasks and ‘creative reflections’. The elements that appear after the drawings below may be moved to create new assemblages - to move or ‘drag’ an object click/touch, hold, and move your cursor/finger. Read more about the archive on the about page.


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